The Whakamana Cannabis Museum Social Club (henceforth referred to as "[The] Social Club") is a private members-only club operating at the discretion of the Social Club Administrators; attendence is limited to dues-paying members.
To join The Social Club; prospective members are required to --

  • Identify themselves to the satisfaction of the Social Club Administrator(s) by presenting one (or more) of the following documents:
    • New Zealand driver licence.
    • Passport (either New Zealand or overseas).
  • Be over the age of 18.

To retain membership within The Social Club; members are required to

  • Members are not permitted to engage in unlawful acts while attending the Social Club.
  • Members are not permitted to take photographs, make audio/video recordings, or broadcast any activities with respect to the Social Club -- without the prior written consent of the administrator(s).
  • Members are not permitted to disclose the identity of others members -- without the prior written consent of the administrator and others are obtained.
  • Members are expected to be polite and cooperate with both other members and the administrator(s) of the Social Club.
  • Members agree not to hold the Social Club responsible for any claim, cost, damage, injury, loss, or liability (whether civil or criminal) incurred while at the Social Club.